"Sooooo… The weather?"

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Anonymous asked: ALSO WHERE ARE YOU FROM?! If I may ask xx

the uk :)

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Anonymous asked: I just found your blog and read all of your fanfics!!! Are you ever going to add a new chapter of the Love The Way You Lie series??? Or is that on a hiatus? :)

wow thank you, i hope you enjoyed them :)

sigh. i never wanted it to come to this but i guess all of my writing is on hiatus for an indefinite period for now. writing is such a huge passion of mine (even if it is just filth) and has helped me get through some difficult stages in the past couple of years but this is the time where i need to, no, have to focus on my health, my relationship and my job because if i don’t then i’m screwed basically. real life is my priority for the time being now, sorry. but who knows when i’ll be back, i’m not going away forever :)

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Anonymous asked: Dou you know any reaaaaaally good fanfics about Zayn on wattpad?

i don’t think i’ve ever stepped foot on wattpad and i won’t ever will

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guys seriously. i think my love for harry styles is getting so out of hand i’m actually questioning my favourite in the band

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i doubt many of you will see this but i thought i would put it out here now so you’re all in the loop.
some of you know already that i suffer from crohn’s disease and in the past few months it has started to get the better of me. my doctor has gotten increasingly concerned about my health so i had some tests to see if it had worsened. our fears were realised after the results of my MRI and colonoscopy showed that it has gotten so bad that i’m going to need an operation to remove part of my small bowel. i’ll probably end up back on here a lot more while i recover from it and have been signed off work so that, in a weird silver lining kinda way, works out but y’know :)

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Anonymous asked: you are insanely beautiful holy crap. xx

well thank you :’)

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