i doubt many of you will see this but i thought i would put it out here now so you’re all in the loop.
some of you know already that i suffer from crohn’s disease and in the past few months it has started to get the better of me. my doctor has gotten increasingly concerned about my health so i had some tests to see if it had worsened. our fears were realised after the results of my MRI and colonoscopy showed that it has gotten so bad that i’m going to need an operation to remove part of my small bowel. i’ll probably end up back on here a lot more while i recover from it and have been signed off work so that, in a weird silver lining kinda way, works out but y’know :)

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Anonymous asked: you are insanely beautiful holy crap. xx

well thank you :’)

2 weeks ago

yes i’m back baby!! i missed you too!

1 month ago
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Anonymous asked: ok but have you seen Zayn smoking weed???

ofc i nearly wet myself

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chlocolate asked: i hope you're ok :( so sorry to hear about that. but congratulations on the promotion! what do you do? i'm good thank you! just starting to get somewhere thinking about what i want to do career wise, but i'll probably change my mind again haha xx

yeah, getting there slowly :) oh i work for bhs and i’m what they call a “lead” so a supervisor basically. demanding but i love it :)
tell me about it, i was like that at your age… had no idea what i wanted to do but ended up in retail. don’t worry you’ll find the answer soon enough :) xx

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hisroyalhighnessmalik asked: YOU'RE BACK!!! I'VE MISSED YOU!!

omg babe i’ve missed you too!!!

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Anonymous asked: i was going through the blogs i follow to unfollow the deactivated ones and i saw you and i was like 'do i unfollow she hasn't been on in ages' and my mouse was hovering over it and a tiny voice in my head was like 'have faith' and here you are haha, welcome back babe! x

haha that’s creepy! you must have psychically told me to come back so you didn’t have to unfollow me lol but thank you, it’s so nice to be back :) x

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