Inspired by nothing but this picture and my over active and very thirsty imagination. (I wrote it in like two hours so I apologise if you think it’s shit but I just needed to get my feelings out).

Harry places his knees either side of your head, his cock standing upright inches from your face. His hand is slick with pre-cum as he smooths it up and down his shaft, his eyes on you. You bite down on your lip, straining to hold in a moan.
“Are you going to take all of me now?” He orders, a growl present in his voice.
“Yes.” You reply matter of fact.
“You’re going to let me fuck your mouth until I’m satisfied you’ve had enough?” His hands still stroke his shaft leisurely.
“Yes Harry.” He smiles wide letting go of his erection and holds your head up between his thighs. You slid your hands up the backs of his thighs, letting them come to rest over his pert back side to gain some momentum behind Harry’s thrusts. You weren’t going to let him have all of the control this time. He pressed his tip against your lips and you open wide to accustom for his more than adequate size. You usually choked a little on him from this angle but that’s why he liked it. He liked watching you squirm as you fight for every breath as he makes you deep throat him. His reasoning was that you deserved it for defying him. Not that it took much for him to decide that. You could flirt with Zayn and Harry wouldn’t bat an eyelid but there were other times when you’d been very innocently engaging in conversation with another man when he’d really make you suffer to remind you that you were his and his alone. You suck as much of him as you can without feeling uncomfortable but it doesn’t suit Harry. He pushes your head further onto him and you feel him hit the back of your throat. You have a better gag reflex than most of the women Harry had been with previously but when he forces it back against your throat so suddenly it takes you by surprise. You moan against his flesh, letting your tongue swirl over the skin your mouth just barely covers.
“Yeah, just like that.” Harry groans, throwing his head back. You watch as he swallows deeply, his Adams apple bobbing slowly against his flesh. He begins rolling his hips almost as if he were fucking you for real and you splutter, digging your fingernails sharply into his arse.
“Shit.” He seethes, pulling back and you gasp in the fresh cool air as he falls from your mouth. His brow is furrowed as he slowly shimmies down your body, his cock slapping against your naked stomach leaving a trail of wetness in its wake. His face is now inches from yours and his hand slowly wraps its way around your throat.
“What did I tell you earlier?” He growls in your ear. He lets his hand contract tightly around your throat for a second. “What did I tell you?”
“Th-that I’m not allowed to hurt you unless you ask me to.”
“And did I ask you to?”
“No.” He finally smiles, letting his frosty expression melt away into his dimples. Times like this you forget what an animal he is until he begins to order you around again.
“Roll over.” You follow his command as he helps you up. Your head hits the pillow and you’re suddenly feeling extremely exposed as Harry moves himself off you and begins to kiss his way softly up your spine. You tense beneath him, your toes curling at the contact. You feel your clit throb, his lips brushing over the sensitive spot just between your shoulder blades while he brings himself over to straddle you once more. His lips find your jawline and begins to nibble gently as his hand slides between your thighs and presses two fingers against your entrance. You clench involuntary, your fingers clutching helplessly at the bed sheets as he pushes them inside you, his lips still working their way over your jawline and down to the curve of your neck. Goosebumps raise over your skin and you whimper, wanting to feel more than his fingers doing the work. He knocks your g-spot purposely and you cry out, his mouth on yours. He still tastes of you, the memory of him spending what felt like an hour buried between your thighs making your clit spasm as he continues to massage your g-spot. Warm and familiar, his tongue swirls over yours as his fingers matches its rhythm. You squirm, each whimper falling between your lips becoming more high pitched as he forces your legs apart with his feet, locking them in place as he kneels between them. Slipping his fingers from you, he lets it trail over your thigh making you feel just how wet you are.
“Do you want me to fuck you now?” He teases, his lips grazing your earlobe while his breath warms your cheek. You’ve been taken to your limit more times than you can count in the past hour and you just need him to fuck the dull ache out of you now, your groin positively throbbing at the thought.
“Y-yes.” You breathe, turning your head ever so slightly so your eyes meet his and they’re almost black with lust.
“I won’t do it unless you ask me.” Harry growls low in your ear, his fingers curling around a fistful of your hair and yanks your head back sharply.
“Please fuck me Harry. I’ll do anything you want.”
“Anything?” He smirks.
Anything.” You plead, your voice breaking.
“That’s my girl.” He soothes as he forces himself inside you making you scream out. Of course that was just the reaction he wanted, the husky moan that releases from his lips telling you just that. He rolls his hips and already, you can feel the fire idling in your stomach beginning to grow. He pushed you to the edge enough this evening that even the tiniest bit of stimulation would have you rushing towards your climax. He slid his free hand under you, making your back arch which in turn pushes him further inside you. A spasm rushes through your veins as his fingers connect with your clit and he begins rubbing gently at the already sensitive bead. You squeeze your eyes closed as the combination of his fingers and cock working together to make you feel giddy almost ends you.
“Are you going to come for me?” Harry whispers against your cheek.
“Y-y-yes.” You stutter.
“Are you?” He repeats, pushing his fingers firmer against your clit.
“Are you going to come now?” He was demanding it from you almost. He thrust violently into you as his fingers continued to rub harder. It was too much, you couldn’t hold on any more.
“Y-y-yes-I-coming, I’m coming, oh God Harry I’m coming.” You whimper helplessly, your orgasm overwhelming your body entirely. You lose focus as Harry slumps against you, succumbing breathlessly to his own.

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